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Magna’s Solution

Welcome To The Clover Kingdom Black Clover is an ongoing battle-Shonen manga/anime by Tabata Yuki and chronicles the adventures of a Chibi-Chad named Asta, a young peasant born without any magical power in a world where magic is everything. Shonen Jump has serialized Black Clover since February 2015, which is around the time I sorely […]

The Eternal Boardroom

THE ANALYST ran her pale fingers over the intricate grooves covering the crystalline surface of the recovered airship lacrima, rousing the souls stored within. Shareholders—wearing fine silk robes, cascades of jewelry, and colorful Sashes of station—whispered into their sleeves while others made a show of pointing out the soul-shards placed before each seated attendant. Opposite the Analyst, far at the head of the bustling boardroom table, a sash-less greybeard glowered at her, unwavering. Above him, the stuffed and mounted head of an ursoka bared its lifeless fangs.

Then the greybeard clapped twice.

The Analyst looked up expectantly at the surly man, Skylord Hoddic Clattery. The grizzled guild master returned a sharp nod.

So it begins, she thought. So shall it end.

Fortune’s Fall

by Carlos L. Delgado As Farfalla’s gravity well pulled The Fool’s Gold down, deeper and deeper, the ship’s throttle rattled in Captain Jet’s sweaty grip. I suppose this is it, he thought. Solemnly, he released the controls and turned to Kira, who was still fighting to squeeze another trickle of power from the already maxed […]

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