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Perseverance and Praise

I’ve strictly been ignoring the practice of blogging because I survived my LiveJournal phase and part of me shudders and the idea of returning to that era (lots of emo poetry about girls with names starting with the letter J). But, I am a writer — despite what the IRS claims. This is about a […]

Sound of Kiki

by Carlos Luis Delgado What does a Studio Ghibli classic about a young witch in the big city and an Academy Award-winning film about a sober rock drummer losing his hearing have in common? More than you’d think.  Kiki’s Delivery Service and Sound of Metal both use the Japanese 4-Act structure—also known as Kishōtenketsu—to tell […]

Magna’s Solution

Welcome To The Clover Kingdom Black Clover is an ongoing battle-Shonen manga/anime by Tabata Yuki and chronicles the adventures of a Chibi-Chad named Asta, a young peasant born without any magical power in a world where magic is everything. Shonen Jump has serialized Black Clover since February 2015, which is around the time I sorely […]

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