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[I started writing sonnets as warmup writing exercises. Of course, they’re all dark and fantastical] A thief once caught cannot unsteal a ring; Standing before a jury they may speak And gamble with their necks — the losers swing; With justice done, all hope is obsolete. What sort of heart must she possess to give […]

Sound of Kiki

by Carlos Luis Delgado What does a Studio Ghibli classic about a young witch in the big city and an Academy Award-winning film about a sober rock drummer losing his hearing have in common? More than you’d think.  Kiki’s Delivery Service and Sound of Metal both use the Japanese 4-Act structure—also known as Kishōtenketsu—to tell […]

Magna’s Solution

Welcome To The Clover Kingdom Black Clover is an ongoing battle-Shonen manga/anime by Tabata Yuki and chronicles the adventures of a Chibi-Chad named Asta, a young peasant born without any magical power in a world where magic is everything. Shonen Jump has serialized Black Clover since February 2015, which is around the time I sorely […]

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